VandA Ltd Construction system was established in 2015 worclass and it has been conducting with the vision of leadership in country sector. VandA Ltd presenting service according to people’s needs is a revolutional and responsible firm. We present our reliability and quality products by the references we have to your service. We produce high quality products by our experienced team.We always prioritize customers by being close to customer and paying attention to customer’s satisfaction.Cusromer’s happiness comes first for VandA Ltd . Therefore , we present high quality products with reasonable prices for our customers. The products we present for you stay healthy and high quality like it is produced over the years.We design comfortable and elegant products for you by keeping a respectful work to the environment . We present pergola ,zip curtain and glass systems solutions for you within the frame of your requests. We care about designing in the way you request and give ear to your advise . We have made difference by presenting products the way you request since our establishment.we fulfill our objectives by the high level man labour of our staff , experienced teammates and the products we present for you .

There are high quality ,elegant and aesthetic products such as pergola,zip curtain ,winter garden ,guillotin glass , cassette-tent , jointed tent , double edged tent , tent fabrics , tent and pergola motors in our production.

You can live the comfort you want to live in season by pergolas which are adjustable up to every weather circumstances. Furthermore , you can reach the peace and relief easily by the glass systems we present for you.We present the opportunity to get benefit from indoor in a best way by solving your season issuas permanently. We provide protection against sun,rain and wind. We guarantee that every season passes in the way you desire.

We have been growing fast day by day with the value we give to you since establishment. We always work and contact to you honestly . We try to make people happier via the projects we have . Our goal is to make you happy .

We present you art perspective via the aesthetic and modern tents.As the art is the expression of imagination and creativity ,it presents our products these aspects by means of its aesthetic structure.

Art takes an important place for VandA Ltd.

You can find the products and their variaties that you look in our web site.We have been rapidly growing and improving by presenting our pergola projects which are World class.So that , we catch the right solution and apply it in a short time . We keep on maintaining development by prestigious projects.You can see the projects that our company has completed on pergola,glass systems and zip curtain.

We consider architectural matter correctly by doing plannings and implement work flow rapidly.

We make staff environment better and healtier and progress on quality matter . We sparkle our customers’ eyes by our work and designs we do.We constantly improve our team by the applications we have done in abroad. We produce high quality and reliable products while making production.

We have served thousands of customers as domestic and abroad.

We always obey the rules and make no concessions about it. Having a clean conscience takes an important place for us. While we keep on protecting the materials we use for the products we present for you , we share the products of us that have prennity. We produce and protect our products by the most advanced technique and technology of the era with respect to durableness and resistance .

You can contact with us by looking our web site. We are ready to present solutions for you . We are here for you .


Our Core Values

Our core values are you “customers “ . We have been doing and studies intended for elegance and quality for you . We deliver the products we present as soon as possible , that is , on time . We carry thr creativity norm to upper level with our experienced team day by day. We keep on having respect and honesty for you and being in improvement constantly.We keep our honesty by talking in plain and sincere language. We are kind , helpful and smiling. We are aware of our responsibilities and go on with vision by trying to be a Pioneer and role model for society. We present a wide service to customers. We try to satisfy you by increasing the quality of product and service we strive fort he people and staff in our firm to adopt the quality policies and objective customer is the source of our valves. The most important thing behind our success is our faith in customer’s satisfaction. We keep going by firm steps via our philosophy of customer’s satisfaction .

Being innovational and inquisitive and eliminating the problems by means of our solutions are among the our care valves.İnsights of you are valuable for us as well. We make rehabilitations by improving new designs and meet the customer’s need.

We keep the customer’s expectations at the highest level and gain regards of customer by providing them with benefiting from products at the lowest cost.

We implement new products and desings in line with the needs and expectations of our customers we test the products we desings and approve them present you in full.

Our Quality Policy

We make all staff adopt the quality system of us and provide them to do their job faultlessly. We reach our requests by working planned in a short time. We gain the regards and confidence of you by the quality of our products. Our products cinsist of first-class materials and Show their quality and we carry our quality at high levels day by day. We transport the high quality, products q us to known in domestic, to abroad. We turn to be a film requested in domestic and abroad. We have shown our quality policy to every are by our experiences and….. that we gain.

It’s happiness for us to present high quality products to customer. Because of the increasing the quality of product and design constantly and the carefor customers, VandA Ltd has been preferred. Another fact of our success is that we see no rivals on quality.

Our Firm has been the right adress by means of the quality and reliability of our firm.

The objective of Our Firm

Our basic objective is to provide you quality and reliable products with the experience we have had in years and make you happy and contented.Our objective includes designing technical and aesthetic products by using developing technology . Completing and presenting projects on time and as requested by signing new projects is the other objective of us.

We continue by strengthening the place in sector via new configurations and new improvement policies.We maintain the continuity of our Works by means of the experiences we had in may projects.

Projects and customers continue to guide us.

We aim to present the peojects that we have designed in Turkey and World- Wide.