Guillotin glass is specially produced  as proper for projects and it is a useful  glass system  usable in many areas. Guillotin glass which is one of the currently  improved glass systems , is motored and the operating way of this glass modüle is automation system. In this system , glasses which are situated in the triple ray channels  , move vertically. Initially   imported Zentax belt , suspended tackles and motor provides the moving of the glasses as up and down. A balanced  moving capacity is supplied  for glasses thanks to this strenghtened  movement system.Actually , the vital point of this glass system is the stable glass taking part in the first part of the system. Other moving glasses are pulled on the  this stable glass  and as a result  glasses function as railing  whwn the system is open and it comprises guillotin glass.The usage of this perfect stytem is quite easy. You can learn the usage of products in minute and apply it.
If the name of the product were not guillotin glass system , it would probably have the name  as elegant design glass system because the design of the product have been taken into consideration as much as its features. Along with a perfect use , product  presents you a perfect view.The product can take part in significant systems even because of its design.However ,  that the product is a kind of guillotin glass might naturally  bring mind a question mark about  glass opening which is  frequently encountered . Glass space opening is prevented  by the  clip profiles used in the  product. At the same time , A dense  water and voice  insulation is provided by sealed clip profiles.You can supply a serious insulation  in terms of both water and sound by means of this product.
What is Guillotin Glass ?

If we begin from inital point and give information to the people who do not have any idea about these glass systems ,we can begin from the answer of the question that what guillotin glass is .Have you seen glass panels  which are  openable horizantally  and  whose opening is  completely  automatic. There  these panels are named as guillotin glass.Glasses can be kept on the desired level by the user  in this system.Glass  modules in the system are adapted  to system  as  one plus one ,one plus two or one plus three in line with the in line with the will of the user also.Isolation is going to be provided in every choice  in Professional conditions. Along with these opportunities , the excessive rate of the product’s optional  choice  makes this product a good opportunity  fort he people who want to direct the product they buy in every process.

One of the Remote Controlled Glass Systems…

Anotjher function of the product is that it is one of the remote controlled glass systems. That is why ,You can  use  this important glass system by means of just remote controller comfortably.All details have been thought by  producing company while producing guillotin glass.The view  ,design of the product  are established  by big effort and  as a result  the operations such as   m aintenance , montage are estimated in all detailed .This product specially producted for places has the opportunity  to easy montage alongside the easy use. The montage of the product is implemented effortlessly and fast just as  its usage.Motor and system mechanics are included in a box and it is protected by this box. Intervention cover  in guillotin glass eminently  eases the service maintenance  work.



Telescopic Glass

Inorma motored glass system known as  telescopic glass system and preferred in this product , has  a rich and detailed content. Mentioned motor supported this rich content with elegant and aesthetic view. The products have gained a  different situation from its counterparts along with these features. Guillotin glass ,one of the  highest-quality –produced  glass systems so far , will transfer yo another World all by itself. The most effective islolation methods which are presented for every weather circumstances , will be included in the product . Cold terms of winter and  hot and muggy terms of summer  will  stop being a problem for you anymore thanks to these methods.We definitely need to say that the products are produced with various safety functions. Moving railing glass systems suppported by these safety functions will never  and ever pose a problem.


Moving Railing System

Guillotib glass system iş known as moving railing  system. The system has three  different names in of the  most valuable sides of the product  is that it can be designed as suitable for need and  applied easily.You can use moving railing system only in the place you need and  as much as you need thanks to this feature. The model and design you want is applied in the place you want and on the conditions you want and  the product is delivered to you with all kind of details. You can use the product  effectively my means of controller given and get  the biggest support from the product. Moving railing system would like to support you and provide you various guidance  in its all shape.All you need to do is that  only using the remote controller to get benefit of this product.

Rust-Free Profiles

Special-designed  rust-free profiles are used in  guillotin glass which is one of the insulated  glass systems.Making the product rust free with the help of special design profiles supplies the product being long-lasted. Steel bearings used in guillotine glass system are safe  a hundred percent .System is improved in the highest –level safety  thanks to alternative glass systems. Besides , the product gives confidence to everybody due to  its design and stand. Using areas of this product, improved by variable and technological equipment , differ in terms of their equipment also. As the product can be used in wherever you want ,there are some places in which the product is frequently preferred. You can prefer the product , usable in every environment,  in every place you want  but  it is possible for you to get more efficieny in one of the places we are going to list below :

There are many using areas

Windows take place on the top of guillotin glass which has many using areas.Along with Windows , It is possible for you to get benefit from this speacial glass system  again on dividing your rooms.One of the most important places in which guillotine glass is utilized  are shop windows.If you want to  have an attractive and special shop window  and direct the attention of customers to your products, you may need  guillotine glass systems. The places like cafes and restaurants and balconies known as French balconies are the places  in which   the system is used mostly also.You can also benefit from this system in windbreaker and pool sides.Pergola ,tent ,winter gardens , roof  terrace and their balconies, auto glass  , hand rail… The places like these are among the places in which guilllotine glass is used mostly. Apart from these places , you can benefit from these glass systems actively  in places you want to supply insulation and isolation.It is enough to transmit your demand about benefiting from this specially designed  system to related areas.You can benefit from guillotine glass systems in places you want and use these systems in many places.

It is coming with different glass options

Guillotine glass options are coming with different options  once again. You can choose the most useful glass for you  among  four or five different options  if you prefer this system. Laminated glass consisting of 10 mm in total  as  5+5 mm, laminated temper glass 20 mm in total, 12- milimeted-double glazing applications  or built-resisting glass are some of the glass models that you can use in this system. You can boost the amount of insulation and isolation by using a glass type which provides a natural insulation and isolation by opening until 5 meters, in this system . Regarding this , If you pay attention on the subject of insulation and isolation , you should make your choice by taking into consideration the glass types .  You should know that your preferences will increase  the degree of your insulation and isolation.

Use of Guillotine Glass

The uses of guillotine glass are countless but  we need to share information with you on some of the certain points.Initially , the most important point of this system is  the  heat insulation which will be supplied. You can excessively increase  the heat insulation in places you want by  having guillotine glass system done .The way to provide high-level heat insulation is guillotine glass systems.Heat insulation rate increases beyond you guess  by advanced-quality  double glazing profile options .Also , high-level sound isolation is provided in the system . The sound insulation provided by the product is approximately  at sixty percent rate as percentage.Necessary precautions are held against wind in this glass system that does its duty on wind protection function.Necessary pracautions are held against all other negative weather circumstances too.Also , Providing  uninterrupted panorama  is among the  uses of guillotin glass. Panoroma provided by vertical and special design   is never interrupted.You can use the product automatically also.You can save time by operating the product as time cycled in this way. One of the most important  features of the system is ventilation. You can ventilate your place despite  all types of negative weather circumstances.