We have defined pergola as outdoor seat units. The ongoing development on seat units for outdoor day by day leads to the emerging of new products. New productions have been improved fast especially by means of developing technology.That’s why,it is not enough to name pergola as an ordinary seat units.Pergola,in fact ,is a modern seat unit which is built in advanced level and improved by the latest technology .With the help of these units which are designed by benefiting  advanced technology for the purpose of the facilities in which people can use in all aspects,everybody can use these constructions continuously.Pergolas ,having a word in benefiting process are equipped with technology and practical-use constructions.ıf you need a  technological,practical-use  and efficient outdoor sear units, you should meet pergolas.
If we meant to make a brief comment about this wooden tent , we can mention about this product as as a nice ,elegant and succesful product. Wooden pergolas which we have put on the market ,along with aluminium pergolas , have taken place among the best solution offers in the sector again. Our firm that always wants to produce the best products and take place on the top , is proud of appearing to its customers with the two products it produced. You can contact with us about the features of detail anytime you desire and get information from us . We are ready to make presentation about our products of which the quailty we trust.
Pergolas, which can be produced in different styles,can be applied as hypethral pr half-hypethral and paled or paled-free.These  products can be shortly defined as outdoor  seat units.These constructions,named as  pergola can be adjusted by the user according to all weather circumctances.Pergolas can be used actively in all weather circumstances by means of the automatic tents which they include in themselves. You can use  these constructions as shadow in hot and muggy weather.If you are in winter and if the weather is snowy,you can benefit from the nice view of snow via these constructions also.As a result,You don’t have to be shaped by season conditions.On the contrary , pergolas provide you to completely possess the season you live.

Outdoor Seat Units which use Seasons

If you looked a product among outdoor seat units  carefully ,which function of this product would you pay attention ? Undoubtly ,The most important function in an outdoor seat unit is to be enduring  against tough conditions of the season.In addition to be enduring ,these products should protect the people who want to be in outdoor against the seasons. In this point , pergolas which use the seasons in the best way, come into play.pergolas use seasons  and introduces you delightful side of the seasons. If you wish to experience  the delightful side of the seasons you live,this is possible with pergolas . You don’t have to be trapped inside due to the conditions you dislike.. Pergolas are going to protect you in all aspects and introduce you the beauties of the seasons.

One of the modern outdoor seat units…

Pergolas are one of the modern outdoor seating units with its most reasonable meaning. If you need a seat unit in which  you can have a voice on it and prevail ,we direct you pergolas because these constructions supply the needs in every place  you demand .The best part of these products , which are designed for benefiting from outdoor flexibility ,is that all products are under your control. You can benefit from pergolas in every season  by means of these features.It doesn’t matter whether you have been in cold terms of winter  or hot and muggy  terms of summer.These products  are going to protect ,save  and provide you to benefid from outdoor in every season.That is why ,you do not have to be trapped inside by means of this construction.

Pergolas take attention among the outdoor seat groups.

Pergolas ,taking attention among the outdoor seat groups improved in recent years ,are the products which are made delicately .Producers  always move meticiously in the process from design level to production level.pergolas  ,emerging by handling all points in whole , have been taking attention  even because of this reason.

Outdoor Seat Constructions Making Environment Elegant

If you want to nuy not only an outdoor seat units but also a design wonder ,we are here with the outdoor sitting constructions providing environment with elegance .Pergolas are the constructions giving environment elegance  By means of both functional aspect and cafefully designed constructions,you are going to have  high level success in terms of appearance .Pergolas ,in addition to drawing attention products  by its smooth and chic design ,they have many  preference options  in terms of sesign .Thanks to this ,you buy the product yhat you find sensible and start using it.Our firm thinking that  the products  which are helpful for human life must be good and appealing in terms of design and it has taken this criteria  forefront while improving pergolas.

Aluminium Pergola

We present you alternatives on pergola.Our firm thinks that option without alternatives  are not right options.

Aluminium pergola: It is one of the products we present among pergolas.The special side of this pergola system that you may conceive easily is the aluminium structure.This product which combines the classical lines it has with its enduring and sturdy structure , is improved via  benefiting from aluminium and also this products benefits from all the functions  of aluminium material till the last.This product  which is made till the  smallest detail meticiously and carefully comprises a whole in terms of choice and function.ıf you want to buy a succesful outdoor unit in  terms of design and and performance  it shows ,we are by your side with our pergolas made by aluminium.By means of this support  we peresent for you ,we have been sharing not an ordinary product but a  special elegant product with you.

Lightened Pergola

Pergoladerivated from the word pergule which means eaves in Latin .This word has the meaning as shade in Italian.This word originating from Italy has separated over time.In this sense ,this word separated all around the world universally over the years.Pergola is one of the mostly used decoration items.More than decoration ,,we can say that this is among irreplacable needs of your houses,summer houses and workplaces.Various tent types can be built  thanks to pergola tent systems. These are horizontal,twisted and built-on-roof tents.You can protect your houses  and workplaces against  rain,sun and wind thanks to  these useful products.Tents ,suitable for both  summer and winter ,provides you ease of use. Especially ,if you run a cafe or if you want to have an alteration in your house’s balcony,you can use these tents.

Functions of Pergola

Pergolas protect you from sun in summer .It is safe thanks to its folding function.Pergola models : Suitable models can be built on your house ,your summer house  or your workplace.Likewise  you can choose  a folding model,choosing a water proof protects  your house  from rain .

Alterations on pergola tent system  completely depend on you . That is ,you can get your pergola system covered with glass and you can get efficiency in winter by using folding function . That is ,you don’t have to be trapped in house in winter  and you can open it safely .You can spend a delighted time in your garden or balcony in winter. You can use your pergola  qithout any boundries in four seasons  thanks to  this.

Pergola  Types

There are various  types of pergola  used in houses  and work places.It is possible for you to find many products such as  wood or steel .These are built  as hypaethral  and covered with plants . These models are mostly used in gardens ,coasts  and parks . Pergola tent models are generally used in terrace  and balcony of the houses. To give an example ,railed-tent-models protect you from sun in summer and rain in winter .Folding function provides ease of use.Pergola tent railed or motored  systems.Apart from this , tents can be used in cafeterias  and public areas . Thanks to this ,you can eliminate negetive effects of sun and  get rid of  the harms of wind or rain.

Lightened Pergola

Besides this , lightened  remote controlled  pergolas in demand . Lightened pergolas , especially used in places like cafe and restaurant, provide entrances  look nice.In this sense , they are preferred by  many managers who would like to create a different ambiance  and take attention, generally prefer these types of pergolas . These kind of managements’ pereferrability  increase owing to  their ambiance also.Apart from this , using these types of pergolas  in cafe systems increases  labor

productivity ..It’s not necessary  to sit inside in winter  and people are able to sit in outdoor  without rain and cold weather effect

Wooden Pergola

If you prefer wooden pergolas instead aluminium ones, you should know that there are also wooden pergolas that we produce for you. Which way would you choose to enjoy outdoor ? Our wooden pergolas present you the most effective way to choose .If you happen to prefer the special method we develop for you, you may support the place you are in visually also. All  Constructions we produce are  unique constructions in visual sense.Wooden pergolas  give an inevitable elegance the place you have been in especially by their wooden designs.These products that we announced as the name wooden pergola , are made by laminated impregnated woods. Absolutely , the product is not just an important product in terms of design …

 We combined  The intimacy and quality of wooden with pergolas.

Wooden pergolas are the products that have many different functions. They are water-proof and nonflammable .Highly -resistant block-out style fabrics are used in production. Rust-free inox screws are used in  all products  which have 1300-cm-width  and  80-cm-opening.There is a special structure which is used on  water disposal in rainy weather also. Along with all of these , The product which is supported by Delrin idlers operating silently , is quite  silent and fast.Also lightening system of the interior tent of this prodoct  is  peculiarly  improved by paying special attention. It is taken measures against all possible needs in this product of which the lightening system is produced meticuously though.That is why, it will appear to you as a whole and supply all your needs.