The ZIP system is a useful system ideal for small or large Windows in applications that require high wind resistance or total black out with no light gaps, reducing external noise, prevent from insect suitable for vertical outdoor installations.
  • System: Zip Blind
  • Length: 100cm – 500cm
  • Tower: 100cm – 400cm
  • Control: Motorized & Remote Control

If you want to buy a flexible  roller blind which is practical  ,extremely strong and durable , Zip curtain is going to meed your needs.Serge Ferrari Technology ,acceptible in the World as the most supreme technology ,is used  in this kind of curtain.Zip curtain has ascended up to a special and different position along with this technology .You will experience  almost all the technology of the World together via  Zip curtain which is improved  by a high quality technology .You can benefit from  these flexible cyrtains actively  by means of using all potentialities of Serge Ferrari tehcnology . If you want to reach the peak at technology  via roller blinds that you use , zip curtain is a product  completely improved for you .You can bring  environments together with  a technological euipment by only this product even .

One of the new generation roller blinds…

These special roller blinds that we name as Zip curtain, are one of the new generation roller blinds when considering used technology.Zip curtain which differs from classical roller blinds as a technological ,modern and special curtain will make you discern  its difference to you all the time in case of using it. If classical curtains do not meet your needs and if you want to use and buy special products with respect the equipment,zip curtain is just up your Street. As this products push  you saving , you will realize how  you make a a profitable choice even in short term. New generation zip curtain is very suitable product for those wanting to make quite a profitable  and economical curtain choice…

Fabric and Preference  Diversity

The curtains having  fabric diversity  supply preference diversity as well. Zip curtain ,one of these curtains , is produced via quite a wide fabric diversity  via  fabric diversity .You have the opportunity  to transmit light and heat to environment at different rates thanks to    zip curtain.The light and heat of the place are completely under your control  and they are shaped by your choices..You will get positive  results in every sense while using the curtain no matter what fabric you are using thanks to  these,having special and diverse equipments from each other , curtains . Our curtains succeed to keep the light ans heat  of the place at necessary level even without your intervention.

Perfect Designs and Colours

If you throw a glance at  design wonder roller blinds, zip curtain will definitely take your attention. Not only have been thought to bring about a design wonder while designing zip curtain but also  it has been desired to  have completeness between this created unique design  and the colours that are used and zip curtain has come out .These designs procreate you a construction which makes you comfortable every season and a unique curtain as visually. The comments that you will encounter in case of buying and start using zip curtain  will be enough  to put forward how right decision you have made because everybody  seeing the curtain you have will admire these curtains and share it with you.

New Trend

That we confront  you with  new trend  roller blind anf this is zip curtain  makes us very glad.We are also happy about transmitting  this trend which storms in Europe. However , we do not  maket his curtain by adopting it much the same . We have produced one of the  best examples of zip curtain in the World and now we put it on the market. Thanks to this  curtain in which technology imagination and  design world   meet , every place  ,all places  will get acquianted  with  a new atmosphere  and diverse beauties. You will add a more cheering  athmosphere to your  insight by means of this curtain.

In your houses,in your summerhouses or in your hotels…

It is possible  to create  a nice atmosphere  in every place by zip curtain which is usable in all places as  institutional and individual. You can get benefit from these curtains whether in your houses,summer houses or in hotels.Zip curtain is a curtain usable in every place  for you as an outdoor roller blind.Zip curtain ,known as Istanbul zip curtain , appears to be one of the most preferred products. There ar emay reasons behind the preferability of these curtains much. One of these reasons is its attitude towards saving  in this point. Zip curtain  provides saving  on heating and cooling the used area absolutely. If you go through a betterment on your budget ,these said  curtains will play a recuperative role for your budget.